April 2020 Recap

In case you haven’t heard…


I am currently reading through it (again) and editing a sentence at a time. I finished Part 1 yesterday, which means I have 5 parts (or roughly 210,000 words) to go. It is tedious and time consuming, but it’s gonna be worth it. I hope to finish line editing this month so I can send the manuscript to my editor.

Quarantine started affecting me around the last two weeks of April. I started feeling antsy and depressed, anxious to go out and eat a meal I didn’t have to cook. Fortunately, I’m moving to Connecticut for the summer, so I will have a temporary change of scenery, even if I still have to remain indoors. My flight leaves on May 19th.

I compiled a list of every scene in GRAY HAZE. The total count is exactly 300 (including the prologue and epilogue). I haven’t felt the need to delete any scenes so far as I’ve combed through it. But we shall see what my editor has to say, lol.

Nothing else has really… happened. All I have left to say is that I am craving change very badly. I hope this virus goes away soon and that everyone who has suffered with unemployment and illness can recover. I want to meet someone and get married. I want GRAY HAZE to resonate with readers as it has resonated with me.

What are your goals for May? Have you been able to write during quarantine? What kind of change do you need in your life right now? Comment below!

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