March 2020 Recap

I was just starting to get used to seeing the grass when, lo and behold, I wake up this morning to find a fresh layer of snow over everything in sight. Nice.

March was interesting, wasn’t it?

Like almost everyone else, I had plans in March that were inevitably canceled. One silver lining in the midst of the pandemic is my productivity has soared. The calamities occurring across the globe have inspired me, since Gray Haze features calamitous events. Regardless, I hope the world settles down soon. Please stay home and don’t get sick.

I am typically indoors for days at a time, so like many introverts, my day-to-day routine has not changed much. Since my family has been home in the mornings, however, I have been making big breakfasts in addition to dinners, so every day is like Saturday to me. It’s not so bad.

My mom is immunocompromised and severely arthritic, and my dad has type 1 diabetes and a host of other health problems, so both of my parents are at very high risk. What’s worse, my mom has to take care of my grandma (who has dementia) three days a week, so if my mom contracts the virus, my grandparents are pretty much toast. It’s a strange time for all of us.

I had planned to see Avi Kaplan in Salt Lake City on March 20th, but obviously the concert was postponed. Two days before I was supposed to go, a 5.7 earthquake struck the region (about a few miles from my uncle’s apartment in SLC). That was weird.

Yesterday, lightning struck our neighborhood and caused the biggest crack of thunder I’ve ever heard. Only a few minutes later, my older sister called from northwestern Idaho to inform us that she just felt her house shake, which we soon discovered came from a 6.5 earthquake in the middle of the state.

The second biggest Idaho earthquake in recorded history

Yeah, 2020 is shaping up to be an interesting story. I hope you guys are documenting your own experiences in a journal, or something.

Gray Haze is 279,762 words, which is 32,155 words longer than it was at the beginning of March. See? I’ve been productive. Now I am on Chapter 138, which means I only have 12 chapters left to write (plus a prologue and epilogue, which I discovered were needed a few days ago). That’s approximately 25,000 words. Think I can write that much in two weeks? I’d bet money on it!

What did you have to cancel/postpone this month? Has your daily life drastically changed? Are you still writing? Let’s chat in the comments! 🙂

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