Gray Haze Update #27 — Small Steps

If you take one step every day, eventually you’ll have walked a mile. That is what I keep telling myself as I inch forward in my wip. I’ve been very distracted lately by my mounting desire to be married — with still no prospects in sight. It’s quite annoying, honestly. Why can’t I feel fulfilled when I’m alone? Why do I crave close companionship so much?

Anyway, the end of Gray Haze is drawing near. I’ve squeezed out about 5,000 words in the last two weeks, caught up to where I hit a roadblock, and have since written the dreaded Chapter 113, which didn’t turn out to be as difficult as I’d thought. Sometimes all I need is a little time to stare at the cursor on my screen. Could take hours, could take days, but eventually the words will come.

This is currently where I’m at: beginning of Chapter 114. I’m halfway finished with Part 5, then I’ll have Part 6 to tackle. Then the manuscript will be finished.

We have a week and a half left of February. I’ll probably finish up to Chapter 116 by then. I’m looking forward to writing Chapter 119, because that’s where things really start kicking off toward the climax. Oh, boy.

Image result for calvin and hobbes steps

Gray Haze is 240,834 words, or 113 chapters long. That’s 5,170 words, or 1 chapter longer since the last update. 36 chapters to go!

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