Gray Haze Update #26 – Sunny Field

In an unexpected turn of events, Gray Haze is shorter today than it was two weeks ago, and I’m not even in the editing phase.

Here is what happened: I got stuck on Chapter 113 because it takes place following important events which transpire in Chapters 92, 95, 97, and 98. Unfortunately, I mischaracterized some of the characters and didn’t quite do the events justice, which was holding me back from progressing on that plot line. To remedy this, I’ve had to go back to Chapter 92 and revise the thread leading me to Chapter 113. So far, Chapter 92 is finished, and I feel good about the changes so far. Still have three chapters left before I can proceed with 113. Maybe I’ll finish them this week! Who knows? We’ll get back on track soon enough…

I am anxious to edit this stupid thing, but I know it’s going to be grueling. I want this book to be the best it can possibly be with my current skill level and imagination, which means I am going to take editing very seriously. I think I will start with rewriting Chapter 1, then revising the rest paragraph-by-paragraph, rewriting as I go to strengthen the prose, correct the pacing, and smooth out the plot. Given the length of the manuscript, this is going to take a while. I’ll aim to make this polished by Indie standards before I send it to my editor, then we’ll see what he has to say. 😉 Beta readers, you will be my last line of defense against mediocrity.

The scene I am currently writing involves women burning at the stake and babies hanging from trees, to give you a picture of how dark this plot can get… And yes, (*ahem*) I am fine and perfectly sane. 🙂 My heroes aren’t, though. 😬

Image result for calvin and hobbes happy

Gray Haze is 235,664 words, or 112 chapters long. That’s 3,189 words shorter since the last update. 38 chapters (+3 that I’m revising) to go!


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