Gray Haze Update #25 — Post Hiatus

Progress has been slow this month due to the three-week holiday break and fresh perspective it provided for my manuscript. I rewrote Chapter 110, then wrote Chapter 111, then switched Chapters 111 and 112, and am halfway finished with the new 111 (112). I can tell you right now that the editing process is going to be Extremely Fun.

The last two parts of Gray Haze are going to be jam-packed with action and complex drama, which I’ve had a hard time jumping back into after Christmas. However, now that I have re-outlined the last 40 chapters, the journey toward the climax and conclusion is clearer than ever!

I am looking forward to the editing process because I am anxious to correct the blunders I’ve made so far. There are a few chapters in past sections that I’ll need to rewrite. I’ll probably rewrite Chapter 1. I want to add a little more scenery detail and darken certain scenes that may be too casual or unrealistic. I’ve thought of new technologies I could mention (since the book takes place in 2041), so I’ll have to read through it and add those.

Rest assured I am going to make this the highest quality it can possibly be before it’s published. As much as I want to get it out there in two years, I’m not going to publish it before it’s ready.

Image result for calvin and hobbes ready

Gray Haze is 238,833 words, or 111.5 chapters long. That’s 13,573 words, or 1.5 chapters, longer since the last update. We have 38.5 chapters to go!

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