November 2019 Recap

November word count: 19,983 | Total word count: 204,653

I FINISHED PART 4/6! Four parts down, two to go. I passed 200,000 words this month, which is completely and totally fine, and I managed to overcome a few weeks of extreme depression and anxiety. I still have anxiety (wherein I toss and turn all night, and my heart pounds constantly), but it is manageable at this stage.

My diet and exercise routine is still serving me well, I think. I haven’t lost any extra weight, but that’s because I’ve eaten a little too much sugar the past week (can’t resist homemade pumpkin pie, I’m afraid). The important thing is I haven’t GAINED weight. haha

Here’s my Thanksgiving summed up in three photos:


I haven’t been reading books. I guess I’m in a massive rut at the moment and can’t dredge up the motivation. :/

I met my goal this month, which was to finish Part 4 before Thanksgiving. Yay! Now I only have fifty chapters left in my outline. I’m halfway finished with Chapter 101. 🙂 My goal in December is to write at least chapters 101-110 before the 14th, when I’m going to take a break from writing. Expect Gray Haze to be complete by April 2020.


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November 20th: 20 MORE Things I’m Grateful For 🦃
November 27: Gray Haze update #23

Image result for calvin and hobbes christmas

Did you win NaNoWriMo? What are your goals for December? 🙂

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