Gray Haze Update #23 — A Miracle

I hadn’t expected to finish Part 4 until the first week of December, but sometimes you don’t need as many words to convey certain scenes as you thought. I sprinted to the finish line yesterday with 25,173 total words in Part 4. Yippee! It’s an early Christmas miracle!

I feel pretty good about the manuscript so far. Two parts (50 chapters) remain, and I anticipate they will take up to March 2020 to finish. Now that I’m a bit ahead of schedule, I think I can write up to the first ten chapters (Chapters 101-110) in Part 5 before December 14th. That will get me to a good stopping point. Chapter 110 is going to be m a s s i v e. Hint: it’s called Royal Wedding.

Though I met my goal, NaNoWriMo is still a bust. I set my word count goal to 35,000 since I thought that was how long Part 4 was gonna be. Phooey on that.

Anyway, if I write up to Chapter 110 before my holiday break, I’ll only have 40 chapters left till the end. I might even finish before March, fellas. I don’t think you understand how monumental that is. I could even finish self-editing the manuscript in less than three months, which would enable me to send it to my editor at an earlier date. I could even finish editing it by December next year (beta reader feedback and all). How glorious would that be? lol

Gray Haze is 204,519 words, or 100 chapters long. That’s 18,451 words, or 17 chapters, longer since the last update.


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