20 MORE Things I’m Grateful For

This post is a sequel to last year’s Thanksgiving post: On Gratitude (+Things I’m Grateful For). Here, I’m just going to list 20 more amazing things about life that I appreciate on a daily basis. I think maintaining a spirit of gratitude is essential to living a meaningful, fulfilling life, no matter your circumstances. This is actually going to be difficult for me right now because I have been unusually despondent the past few weeks, but that’s probably why I should do this. It’s not like I am ungrateful for the good aspects of my life; it’s just hard to think about those things when you have a knife digging around in your chest. Ya know?

  1. Prayer. I am grateful for the method by which I can communicate with a Creator who understands me like no one else, and who can actually help me like no one else.
  2. Blankets. They can make you feel safe, warm, and cover your excess fat when you sit. Wonderful.
  3. Holidays, especially those where you can get time off work and school to spend with family and forget about your responsibilities for a few days. I love this time of year.
  4. Music. There are few things in my life that have helped me more than music. Need motivation to workout? Create an epic workout playlist that you are reluctant to pause at the end of your workout. Need to shut off the world for a few minutes? Turn on some music, any music, and imagine a better world. To the people who create good music: I dig you.
  5. Cold weather. This summer was a nightmare, and I love wearing sweaters and boots. Let it snow, I say.
  6. The dictionary/thesaurus. It is an indispensable tool for a writer.
  7. Legitimately smart people (or at least people who aren’t blundering idiots) who can think logically. Where are they?
  8. People who mean what they say, practice what they preach, and don’t feign piety or compassion for the love of the masses (non-hypocrites). Also: people who don’t seek to exert dominion over others under the guise of compassion. 🙂
  9. S P A C E. It’s really cool.
  10. The ancient mythological stories that have inspired my WIP.
  11. Romance. It’s possible to be grateful for something you haven’t experienced yet. Still waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet. 😉
  12. Irony. It’s the foundation of my sense of humor.
  13. Fruits and vegetables. Or things that taste good and are good for you at the same time.
  14. Lip balm, scented soap, lotion, etc. I like smelling good and feeling soft.
  15. My parents, who will do anything for me if I let them.
  16. Pretty notebooks and pens.
  17. The five senses. I am grateful mine function well.
  18. The world of imagination. It sure beats this one most of the time, haha. Daydreaming is the best.
  19. Fresh air. One of the perks of living in Idaho.
  20. Freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. Let’s hope these aren’t taken from us any time soon.

That’s 20 more things I am grateful for. What about you? List yours in the comments. Let’s all be more thankful this Thanksgiving! Have a good one. 🙂

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