September 2019 Recap

September word count: 27,321 | Total word count: 152,785 (! it’s fine !)

I’m still plunking along, folks, and I am over halfway done with Part 3. I anticipate finishing it by the 19th and starting Part 4 in the last week of October. That will give me over a month to finish Part 4 before my Holiday Hiatus mid-December. Yay!

I will write Chapters 69 and 70 today (or at least 69). I haven’t lost any enthusiasm for my wip. I’m having fun with the writing process.

I took a week-long trip to Frisco, Colorado this month, where I mostly stayed in my motel room to write. After the trip, I decided to go low carb and start intermittent fasting again (16/8). I’m sticking to <60g of daily carbs, exercising an hour a day (I’ve added more walking to my routine), and eating between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. on average. After intermittent fasting for two weeks, I’m much less hungry in the mornings than I used to be, so the past few days, I’ve actually fasted 19 hours instead of 16. I’ll exercise in a fasted state, shower, get ready, and do a few chores before my first meal of the day. I think this is a routine I can maintain for the foreseeable future. I haven’t seen a lot of progress toward my weight goal yet, but these things take time, so I’ll just continue doing what I’m doing for as long as I can. I know I won’t be able to stay low-carb during the holidays as easily, but I’ll continue counting carbs instead of calories just so I don’t binge like I tend to do with carb-heavy foods. I’m tired of counting calories, guys.

I read Pride & Prejudice (3 stars), Siege & Sacrifice (5 stars), and The Princess Companion (2.5 stars) in the month of September. I started Spinning Silver two days ago, but it hasn’t quite gripped me yet, so it may take me some time to read it. In the meantime, I’m writing as much as I can.

I turned 23 years old on the 23rd this month. I had two tiny pieces of brownie cheesecake, which was so divine I actually died and was reborn. Other than that, it was a fairly normal day, although I do have a couple of new sweaters, one of which I’m wearing today because — guess what! — it’s not hot anymore! It’s actually cold! 😀

Look at this beautiful forecast:

Oct 1-5

It’s officially October, my favorite weather month. I can wear sweaters, boots, and jackets. Ahhhh.

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Image result for calvin and hobbes fall

What did you accomplish in September? What are your goals in October? Do you celebrate Halloween? Let’s chat in the comments. 🙂

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