August 2019 Recap

August word count: 37,390

Somehow I was able to exceed my own expectations this month, despite all the obstacles that presented themselves in the first two weeks. Wow, what a roller coaster ride August has been.

I finished Part 2, as you may already be aware, and have written the first two chapters of Part 3. Gray Haze is almost 130,000 words already, and I’m not even halfway done. 😦

In other news, my niece is a month old today.


I started a new workout routine that still alternates between cardio and strength training, but increases the time each day. So on Mondays and Fridays, I do strength/cardio for 50 minutes; on Tuesdays and Saturdays, I do strength/cardio with dumbbells for 1 hour; on Wednesdays, I do 30-min cardio, and on Thursdays, I do strength/cardio for 45 minutes. So far, I haven’t seen much in the way of improvement, except a tad more muscle definition in my biceps. But it has only been two weeks.

I still count my calories, and I try to eat mostly protein and fat. MyFitnessPal recommends I eat 1,200 without exercise, but I usually go a little over because I’m so hungry (and because I do exercise). I struggle constantly with food guilt, meaning every time I give into temptation to eat pizza with my family or even a little peanut butter to smother my cravings, I feel guilty and ashamed. I feel better (mentally) if I stick to 1,200-1,300 calories a day. I’m tired of trying to figure out what I should be eating and how much and when; I really wish I had the ability to stock the kitchen with strictly healthy foods and plan all my meals… but when you live with four other people, it’s nigh impossible. [Rest assured: I am not starving myself. I am a small person aiming to lose excess fat and gain muscle.]

I’m looking forward to fall. I thought I had missed the sun and warmth last winter, but boy oh boy was I enlightened this summer. Turns out, being too hot is the worst. And I am always too hot. Bring on the bitter cold, please. I’m ready to wear sweaters again.

Image result for autumn calvin and hobbes

What else happened in August? Well, my little sister started her senior year in high school, which is weird. My little brother (who just came home in July), is going to start college this month. And… Oh, I read a few books. I also started Pride & Prejudice last night (since I’ve never read it), so hopefully I’ll be able to get through it. 🙂

August 1st: July Recap
August 7th: Supporting Characters in Burning Space
August 21st: Female Character Tropes That Need To Die
August 28th: Gray Haze update #18

Reminder: Liquid Death is perma-free everywhere, Dawning Life is free with a newsletter subscription, and my author name is Marci Levin. I want to move away from my old trilogy and start a future career (lol) with Gray Haze. Eventually all my accounts will feature the name Marci Levin instead of Mitzi C. I’ll have a new Goodreads profile for Gray Haze as well once it is published.

Was your August as eventful as mine? 😉 What are your goals for September? Let’s chat in the comments!

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