Gray Haze Update #18 – Patterns

It has been two months since my last official writing update. I endured a month-long hiatus from writing and just got back in the saddle on August 14th. I hadn’t anticipated how quickly I’d be able to write Part 2, as I actually expected it to be much longer, but turns out I didn’t need as many words to convey what I had outlined. In the last two weeks, I wrote 30,324 words, bringing the total word count of Part 2 to 35,344 (about half the length of Part 1).

Part 1 is a series of character introductions and inciting incidents. Part 2 is more action and dialogue-heavy, and fast-paced as it spans less than a week, as opposed to Part 1 which spans over a month. More questions are raised than answered, we get to know the characters on a deeper level, and devastating tragedy propels the leads closer to their destiny.

Part 3 is likely going to be another long one. I’m sensing the pattern is going to continue, so Part 4 will be akin to Part 2 in length and drive. I really hope I will be able to finish it by December.

My plan the rest of the week is to outline Part 3 and rest. I’ll start writing Chapter 51 next Monday, September 2nd. I am optimistic I’ll be able to reach my end-of-the-year goals, since I’m already ahead of what my outlook was a few weeks ago. 🙂

Gray Haze overall word count: 119,163 | 50 Chapters | 2 Parts out of 6

Only four parts to go! #killme

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