June 2019 Recap

June word count: 23,411

I had another productive writing month. I still haven’t finished reading Before They Are Hanged, but I will. I’m still interested in the story. I haven’t picked up a book since May, sadly.

Part 1: When the Lights Go Out is officially (temporarily) complete, now that I have added eight chapters from a different point of view. I am so glad I was able to finish it in June so it didn’t have to carry over into July, when my schedule would be all over the place.

I started Part 2: When the Sky Breaks on Friday and have written 1,132 words so far in Chapter 31. Every day, I see more and more of the story in my head, like I am clearing the fog from the mirror as I write it. Feels good. I’m very excited about this story’s potential (thank goodness, because this trilogy will be a work-in-progress for a while…).

[ICYMI] Posts in June:
June 1st: May Recap
June 5th: Gray Haze update
June 12th: Writer Insecurities
June 19th: Gray Haze update

June was a blur. I can’t remember much else that happened. I’ve started creating a language (conlang) for Gray Haze, which is a lot of fun. I plan on inserting a pronunciation guide, glossary, and other bonus “features” in the final product. Hopefully I’ll be able to add maps as well. Can’t wait!

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