Gray Haze Update #15 — Racing

In the past two weeks, I have written 21,415 words to a total of 25,426 words in the second draft of Gray Haze. It might not be much to some people, but to me it is quite an achievement, so huzzah! Seven chapters into Part 1, only fifteen to go! Then six more parts… We’re in this for the long haul, folks. I don’t know how long each part is going to be, so I can’t say what percent of the book I have written yet. I’m predicting Gray Haze will be around 200,000 words by the end, so it may be safe to say I am 12-15% done.

This won’t happen, but if I maintained the writing pace I’ve established since the last update (~25,000 words/2 weeks), I could write up to 200,000 words in 16 weeks. That’s in August (!!!). But of course, due to Life Events coming this summer (and the general unpredictability of my mental state), I don’t expect to finish the second draft until December or later. Not to mention that the farther I get into the book, the harder it will be to write. I always write faster in the beginning and lose momentum in the middle. It helps that I’ve broken it up into seven parts, each with their own beginning, middle, and end. Maybe I can miraculously avoid the Middle Slump this time around.

Image result for calvin and hobbes optimism

I’ve changed the names of some of the main characters because they all started with the same letter, and I knew that would be confusing. Marcus is now Osric, Mercy is now Nicole, and Aldo is now Leon. Problem solved. 😉 I knew I’d have to change them early on so I’d have time to get used to them. It’s tough changing the names of characters you feel like you already know.

I hope to finish up to Chapter 9 this week. Stay tuned for the next update on May 8th, and subscribe to my newsletter to read my debut novel, Liquid Death, for free! 🙂

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