Supporting Characters: Dawning Life

In this “supporting characters” series, I am highlighting the side characters in The Edinön Trilogy. [Revisit the Supporting Characters of Liquid Death.] The side characters include one-shots and recurring characters in the series; basically everyone (except the two main heroes and the main villains) who plays a significant role in the protagonists’ lives.

Dawning Life front cover

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The entire cast of Dawning Life:

Kandi, Juan, Leyla (Dr. L or Ms. Hendricks), Kyle, Brock, Sam, Sarah/Iden, Talia, Traci, Alice, Vïndi/Time, Destiny, Raul, Emanuel, Dr. Boon, Jeremy/Deinor, Quinn, Yvonne, Chris, Ran, Wyatt, Nigel, Daniel, Peter, Jim, Woman in the Bathroom, Carla, Malone, Alex, Tyra, José, Sebastian, Molly, Clarisse, Austin, Amanda, Gen, Haven, Nick, Bat, Cristina, Darien, Hope, Diane, Matt, Adarein/Energy, Conscience, Intelligence, Agency, Love


Sarah (aka Iden)

First appearance (in Dawning Life; Prologue: The New Name):

She only knew silence and darkness before her ears detected distant beeps and high-pitched hums. White light began to penetrate her eyelids, forcing them apart. As her mind feebly attempted to absorb her alien surroundings, the beeping increased in frequency. She curled her fingers into the fabric beneath her and screamed as panic surged through her. In response to her outburst, two females appeared from a rectangular opening in the wall to her right. One female checked the beeping machine beside her while the other injected a chilled fluid into her left arm. Her fingers relaxed, and the beeping noises steadied to their former, slower pattern. Her gaze remained unfocused on the ceiling. She became conscious of her breathing and realized the air felt different. Different from what, she could not tell. She could not remember.

Dawning Life, page 7

Sarah is obviously important because she is Juan’s mother and his connection to the Edinön. Her main purpose in the plot is give Juan a reason to be a hero. She also has some information regarding the Edinön that proves useful on occasion.


First appearance (Chapter 1: Kandi — The Attack):

Doctors Q, Y, and C (otherwise known by Juan and me as Quinn, Yvonne, and Chris), are poring over a map of the school and discussing, as Kyle predicted, new security measures. Patients 7, 30, and 105 are sitting on the sofa twiddling their thumbs. 7 is a 14-year-old Chinese girl named Ran with the ability to teleport, 30 is an 18-year-old boy from Idaho named Wyatt with the ability to see more (more on this later), and 105 is an 11-year-old boy named Nigel who is unnaturally persuasive.

Leyla takes off her glasses and rises from her desk. “The mobs are growing in number. Our only hope if we are going to survive this is to organize ourselves – and make sure we are prepared to face an attack. You five,” she gestures to us Patients sitting/standing around the couch, “are here because we have chosen you to lead the security teams posted throughout the building.”

I notice Juan dozing off beside me and send a tiny electrical pulse to his brain to wake him. He blinks and shakes his head, seemingly surprised he had fallen asleep.

Chris steps away from the map to address us. “Do you mind, Leyla?”

Leyla waves her arm, giving him the floor.              

He clears his throat and points at the map. “Ran, your team will be posted at the front doors, where you can easily zap in and out to make sure the entrance is clear.” Ran nods.

Dawning Life, pages 13-14

Ran is a selfless young woman who dies saving the rest of the Patients when they are attacked in the street by Drinkers. After Kandi resurrects her, she becomes one of her devout followers and serves as a shining example to the others Patients.


First appearance (Chapter 3: Kandi — The Strangers):

I jog toward the small family to inspect them for injuries. Juan follows suit. At first, the mother seems terrified, but one look at Juan’s empathetic expression and she relaxes, wiping a sheen of sweat from her forehead. I allow Juan to attend to her and the child, turning my attention to the unconscious father. He has a slim face, full lips, wide nose, and curly black hair approximately an inch thick. His ratty clothes are slightly blackened and burnt from his novicelike energy usage. His exact age is difficult for me to determine. He could be anywhere between twenty-eight and thirty-five.

I place my palm against his forehead and instantly absorb his pain. He was a foster child who had to move frequently to various families growing up. He was a pastor before the end began.

I hear Juan talking to the woman and child behind me:

“My name is Juan, she’s Kandi. We are here to help you.”

“How did you…?” the woman asks, vocabulary failing her.

“We are both gifted, just like Malone and Alex. Kandi especially. Are either of you hurt?”

Slight pause. The child answers, “Mom hurt her leg.”

“Let me see.”

I release the man’s forehead. He opens his eyes and gasps for breath. I stand and look over my shoulder at Juan, mentally requesting assistance. He nods and steps forward to help the man to his feet.

“What happened?” he asks, swaying on his feet and blinking hard. He eyes Juan and me, then his wife and child, then Juan and me again. “Who are you?”

Dawning Life, pages 47-48

Malone is the character who forms a religion that centers around Kandi after all the miracles he witnesses her perform. He also serves as the “religious man dealing with the reality of the apocalypse,” and uses the end of the world as an opportunity to spread the message of God to people who would otherwise not be as open to it, namely, Sebastian.


First appearance (Chapter 4: Juan — The Reunion):

I wipe my face one more time and nod. My hand is trembling as it moves toward the knob.

It swings open and hits the wall with a soft thud. Mom immediately comes into view, younger than I remember. She is standing in front of the window, a halo of gold surrounding her and highlighting the reddish tint of her now-chopped hair. Her normally milky-white complexion is sun-kissed and unblemished. She is wearing a torn t-shirt, ripped jeans, and boots.

Her expression matches the unintelligible exclamations in her head. She looks horrified. She believes she is seeing things (again).

“No, Mom, it’s really me.”

“Sarah?” The man’s thoughts are question marks. His name is Sebastian. He was Mom’s counselor while she was in rehab. I refuse to peer beyond that for fear of what I will find.

Dawning Life, pages 73-74

Sebastian is a character that takes Juan a while to warm up to, considering he is somewhat taking the place of his late father. He eventually accepts Seb as a source of support for his mother, but he knows from the beginning that what they have is not romantic love. Sebastian serves many purposes in the story, one of which is to show Juan that some good, fatherly men still exist.


First appearance (Chapter 11: Kandi — The Dream):

I push that bubble away and reach for another. It shows the route the ship must take from Bynivul to Earth. It is meticulously calculated and marked with various warnings, such as shifts in gravity/polarity, pockets of missing space, etc. The next bubble features a glimpse into the future: Juan in a formless cage, screaming my name.

“You are in your father’s mind,” says a female entering the room behind me. I turn to follow her graceful, sweeping movements. She has long, curly hair, whiter than freshly fallen snow, and magenta irises. Her peach-colored skin radiates pure, untainted happiness. She is clad in silken layers of deep blues, soft pinks, and muted yellows, which are cinched on the hips and around the chest. Our physiques are quite similar. She is not tall or large like other Immortals, but slender and fragile, though I perceive she is far from breakable.

The mysterious Adönen delicately taps one of the bubbles floating aimlessly in the air. “These are his memories. He saved them for you, in a room just like this, for you to own should you locate the ship.”

“My father’s ship,” I whisper for confirmation.

“That is correct.”

“Are you Hope?”

The female smiles warmly. “I was.”

“You are my mother.”

Hope touches my arm, and unimaginable joy pours into my being. “I am.”

Dawning Life, pages 161-162

Hope is probably the most important side character. Although she doesn’t make a lot of physical appearances in the series, she is always lurking in the background. While Kandi inherited many features from her father, including green eyes and blond hair, she inherited Hope’s small, fragile figure, although they are both virtually unbreakable. What is most important about this scene is that she confesses she was Hope, yet is still Kandi’s mother, implying that Hope no longer exists. Or, alternatively, that Hope was reborn through her daughter. That is what Kandi has to figure out before the end.

What highlighted character was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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