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Word Count Wednesday #10

I've finally hit a tipping point in the plot that will hopefully propel me toward the climax. Writing the middle of a novel is hard.

Current word count: 136,479 (484 pages; +14,828 since the last update). Finished Chapter 31 yesterday, which means I only have 19 chapters to go! Chapter 32 only has three scenes, so I should finish it by the end of the week. I’ve finally hit a tipping point in the plot that will hopefully propel me toward the climax. Writing the middle of a novel is hard.

I’ve decided against traditional publishing for now and have composed a detailed marketing plan for this series. Gray Haze should hit the shelves in about two years! I’m going to take my time editing and promoting it. The first half of this year, I will finish the first draft, and I will do rewrites and edits in the last half of 2019. I’ll try finding beta readers in the first three months of next year (Jan. – March 2020), so stay tuned!

The Read Test for Chapters 13 & 14 ends tonight! I haven’t received any feedback yet, so if you have time, give it a shot! (It might be confusing if you aren’t caught up in the story, though.) The Read Test for Chapters 15 & 16 begins tonight at 9 P.M. They are very short, but important to the plot. You won’t want to miss ’em.

Once the Read Test for Chapter 25 ends (May 8th, 2019), I will delete all the sections from BookBoro, soΒ Part 1 will only be available to read as long as the read tests are ongoing. Keep that in mind in case you fall behind at any point.

Here is the schedule:

Chapter 1: When The Lights Go Out β€“ October 10th – October 17th
Chapter 2: When The Dead Linger β€“ October 17th – October 24th
Chapter 3: When You See Them β€“ October 24th – October 31st
Chapter 4: When The Leaves Fall β€“ October 31st – November 7th
Chapter 5: When Lightning Strikes β€“ November 14th – November 28th
Chapter 6: When They Come Back To Bite β€“ November 14th – November 28th
Chapter 7: When The Sky Breaks β€“ November 28th – December 19th
Chapter 8: When A Stranger Calls β€“ November 28th – December 19th


Chapter 9: When Worlds Collide β€“ January 2nd – January 16th
Chapter 10: When The Sun Sets β€“ January 2nd – January 16th
Chapter 11: When A Storm Brews β€“ January 16th – January 30th
Chapter 12: When Shadows Flee β€“ January 16th – January 30th
Chapter 13: When They Can’t Get Out β€“ January 30th – February 13th
Chapter 14: When The Tide Turns β€“ January 30th – February 13th
Chapter 15: When Nothing Happens – February 13th – February 27th
Chapter 16: When The Truth Is Revealed – February 13th – February 27th
Chapter 17: When Safety Is A Prison – February 27th – March 13th
Chapter 18: When Tragedy Hits – February 27th – March 13th
Chapter 19: When All Guards Are Down – March 13th – March 27th
Chapter 20: When The World Knows Your Name – March 13th – March 27th
Chapter 21: When Hope Turns Sour – March 27th – April 10th
Chapter 22: When Fear Is Deadly – March 27th – April 10th
Chapter 23: When Infection Spreads – April 10th – April 24th
Chapter 24: When Trolls Attack – April 10th – April 24th
Chapter 25: When Loved Ones Depart – April 24th – May 8th

If you are an editor, beta reader, or you simply have a passion for reading, please consider providing feedback when you can! It would help me tremendously!

Gray Haze is a fantasy novel with strong horror and romance. I plan to release it anywhere between January 2020 and May 2020. It should be appropriate for ages 14 and up.


MAY 2031: THE BEGINNING OF THE END – Forced to raise her four younger siblings alone after a tragic accident, Amora Dias, a 21-year-old waitress in a small-town diner, longs for freedom and a break from her routine. Her unspoken wish is granted with devastating consequences when an enigmatic stranger stays past closing hours.

Where the stranger goes, chaos follows, and overnight Fog Creek transforms from a quiet, small town in New York, to a hotbed of paranormal activity. It soon becomes apparent that this is no temporary change, and the town is lost forever to creatures from another world.

Amora and her siblings unite with the Driver family to survive the unholy storm. Marcus Driver, a 26-year-old software developer, quickly becomes a rock for Amora as she juggles protecting her younger siblings from various monsters and mastering her newfound abilities.

When the stranger returns to save them from certain death, he also sheds light on their unusual circumstances. Yet the question remains – is this powerful newcomer their ally, or their enemy?

Next word count update: February 27th, 2019


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