Dawning Life Commentary #2

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Dawning Life, Book 2 in The Edinön Trilogy

Dawning Life is the second book of The Edinön Trilogy. It is sci-fi/fantasy/romance geared toward an audience aged 14 and up. It contains a few scenes of graphic violence and some non-graphic sexual references.

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To avoid spoilers, please read Liquid Death before scrolling through the rest of this post!


This excerpt is from Chapter 5 of Dawning Life, narrated by Kandi. My commentary is at the very end, so keep reading if you would like to know more about the featured scene from the author’s perspective.

Kandi: The Survivors

              “Who’s going to be gathering these supplies?” asks Sebastian, a stranger in the group. His beefy arms are folded over his leather jacket, and his brown hair, which extends below his jawline, is still wet from his shower.

              “We’ll organize a party to return to the city tomorrow,” Kyle replies.

              “What about the rest of us?” a former Sunny Days aide named Catherine inquires. “What if the Drinkers find us here while your party is in the city?”

              Kyle furtively glances at me and opens his mouth. “I was thinking it would be prudent to leave Kandihere with you. You’ll be safe with her.”

              The group seems to collectively relax, but Juan bristles at the prospect. He must know he will have to go on the supply run if I am left here.

              “So who’s going with me tomorrow?” Kyle looks at each grim expression in the room with his brows raised and lips compressed expectantly.

              This is a tricky situation. Kyle will need as much power as he can recruit if he is going to survive Drinker attacks, yet the more power that goes with him, the more likely Drinkers will attack. Additionally, most of the power in this group is wielded by adolescents and children, and Kyle will not risk endangering them unless he wishes to incur the wrath of the other adults.

              Juan is the first to volunteer. Brock volunteers next, grinning at Juan like he was chosen to play for his team. Wyatt, the all-seeing Patient, purses his lips at the ground and raises his hand. When nobody else steps up to the bat, Sebastian reluctantly says, “I’ll go.”

              Multiple glances flit amongst the five of them, as if to ask, ‘Will they be enough?’

              With Juan, they will be.


Author Commentary:

Juan’s undying faith in Kandi is obvious throughout the trilogy. He is devoted to her from the very beginning. Kandi’s anxiety made her devotion more subtle at first, but she always had faith that Juan would be her savior — not just because of his powers, but because he possesses other heroic qualities, the same qualities that make him a good match for her romantically.

Kandi trusted Juan when he left her that note promising to break her out of Blue Skys. He ended up failing, and she had to break out herself. Here, Kandi expresses faith that with Juan, the small band of men will be enough to gather the supplies the rest of them need. Will they succeed? Or will Kandi have to step in when things go awry?

Juan may yet have a chance to prove himself the hero that he is. Kandi, also, has yet to prove herself, but she will have that chance at the ends of books 2 and 3. What kind of hero does she need to be? The kind who fights in an explosive battle to save the world? Or the kind who spares the innocent from the pains of mortality? Is she destined to be a warrior, or a healer?

On the other hand, what kind of a hero does she need? Maybe Juan is the only soul capable of battling her enemies while she is crushed by the weight of the world. Only Time will tell…

Excerpt #6 will be posted on April 10th, 2019.

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