The Day It All Began: 12/14

This post is going to be the short answer to the question nobody asked: why does Liquid Death begin on December 14th?

My mom had a friend when I was growing up who divorced a man born on December 14th. Since then, the number 12/14 kept showing up in her life, which she thought was strange. After she told my mom about it, we began to treat the 14th of December as a day of Bad Luck, and we saw the number everywhere. Sure enough, several years later, our house foreclosed on December 14th. I suspect we won’t be able to look at 12/14 as a regular number for quite some time.

I wrote the opening scene of Liquid Death to occur on December 14th because it was a turning point in Kandi’s life in a way it hasn’t been in ours, since it moved her in a positive direction. I included that detail to hopefully change the way I perceive it down the line. Unsavory events and circumstances can sometimes be doorways to hope, as without them, what purpose would we have to hope?

Since we lost our house, we have been trapped in an impassable rut, but I know that someday we will rise above it, and the next chapter will begin. I will meet my Juan, and he will help me gain the courage to use my abilities at full capacity. I might even discover new strengths I didn’t know I had. 😉 A girl can dream, right?

I hope this was enlightening for you. haha Have a wonderful weekend! Christmas is right around the corner! Do something fun in the snow. 🙂

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