Ten Christmas Writing Prompts✍️🎄

Planning to write a short story for Christmas but running short on ideas? I’ve got ya covered. 😉

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  1. A family is snowed in for Christmas, and one of the children turns up missing on Christmas morning.
  2. Santa is sick, so Mrs. Claus decides to take his place and deliver the presents. One little problem: she has no sense of direction.
  3. An elf escapes the North Pole to discover what humans are like in the South.
  4. You receive a mysterious package on Christmas morning from yourself. Inside you find your journal from twenty years in the future with a dire warning.
  5. A woman wakes up in a hospital and doesn’t remember who she is. Her kind, handsome doctor helps her find her identity and her family before Christmas.
  6. Someone “spiked” the eggnog at the party with a deadly poison, and you must race against the clock to find the culprit and identify the poison before it kills.
  7. The Ghost of Christmas Present is a glutinous loser who won’t leave you alone.
  8. You receive a Christmas card in the mail with a cryptic message that, when read aloud, unleashes unforeseen havoc on your household.
  9. A magical stocking produces the object of your greatest desire. When a friend reaches into the sock and pulls out a gun, thing start to Get Real.
  10. A man and woman meet in December and start dating. Family drama around Christmastime ensues when the woman’s parents reveal that their families have been rivals for generations.

I hope something here sparks your imagination! Even if one of these has been done before, there is always a way to make it more original. Happy writing! 🙂

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