Word Count Wednesday #6

*evil laughter*

I am almoooost done with Part 1! Current word count: 76,267 (281 pages; +21,042 words since the last update). I am in the middle of Chapter 21 and plan on finishing it and starting 22 this week.

I just reviewed my outline for the last few chapters of Part 1 yesterday and am so excited! So much still has to happen! You will have the chance to read through all of Part 1 for free if you create an account on BookBoro and follow the schedule below. πŸ™‚ 

DON’T FORGET: The reading test for Chapters 5 & 6 ends today! You will still be able to read it when the test is over, but you won’t be able to fill out the survey afterward. The last reading test before Christmas begins tonight and will end on December 12th.

Once the reading test for Chapter 25 ends (May 8th, 2019), I will delete all the sections from BookBoro, so Part 1 will only be available to read as long as the reading tests are ongoing. Keep that in mind in case you fall behind at any point.

Here is the schedule:

Chapter 1: When The Lights Go Out β€“ October 10th – October 17th
Chapter 2: When The Dead Linger β€“ October 17th – October 24th
Chapter 3: When You See Them β€“ October 24th – October 31st
Chapter 4: When The Leaves Fall β€“ October 31st – November 7th
Chapter 5: When Lightning Strikes β€“ November 14th – November 28th
Chapter 6: When They Come Back To Bite β€“ November 14th – November 28th
Chapter 7: When The Sky Breaks – November 28th – December 12th
Chapter 8: When A Stranger Calls – November 28th – December 12th


Chapter 9: When Worlds Collide – January 2nd – January 16th
Chapter 10: When The Sun Sets – January 2nd – January 16th
Chapter 11: When A Storm Brews – January 16th – January 30th
Chapter 12: When Shadows Flee – January 16th – January 30th
Chapter 13: When They Can’t Get Out – January 30th – February 13th
Chapter 14: When The Tide Turns – January 30th – February 13th
Chapter 15: When Nothing Happens – February 13th – February 27th
Chapter 16: When The Truth Is Revealed – February 13th – February 27th
Chapter 17: When Safety Is A Prison – February 27th – March 13th
Chapter 18: When Tragedy Hits – February 27th – March 13th
Chapter 19: When All Guards Are Down – March 13th – March 27th
Chapter 20: When The World Knows Your Name – March 13th – March 27th
Chapter 21: When Hope Turns Sour – March 27th – April 10th
Chapter 22: When Fear Is Deadly – March 27th – April 10th
Chapter 23: When Infection Spreads – April 10th – April 24th
Chapter 24: When Trolls Attack – April 10th – April 24th
Chapter 25: When Loved Ones Depart – April 24th – May 8th

If you are an editor, beta reader, or you simply have a passion for reading, please consider providing feedback when you can! It would help me tremendously!

Gray Haze is a fantasy novel with a strong horror element and a subtle romance. I plan to release it anywhere between October 2019 and January 2020. It should be appropriate for ages 14 and up.

Here is the synopsis:

In Fog Creek, a small town in New York, the high school principal dies of a heart attack. His eldest son and daughter, MARCUS and MERCY, return home to attend his funeral and support their widowed mother and their younger, adopted brother, MALIK. The death of their father was sudden and unexpected, but clearly not out of the ordinary.

AMORA, a girl who lost both parents in a car accident when she was eighteen, left university to care for her four younger siblings. Three years later, she still works at the same popular diner and sells her art on the side. After serving a mysterious customer at the diner, Amora begins noticing lights flickering and voices wafting through her window. She inadvertently catches the source of one of the voices on video: a dark creature with red eyes.
As the paranormal occurrences increase in frequency and intensity, the townspeople fear that they will spread outside Fog Creek and wreak havoc on the world. Further conflict arises when a powerful stranger appears to shed light on their unusual circumstances. Is this newcomer their invaluable ally – or their greatest enemy?

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