Dawning Life Commentary #1

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Dawning Life, Book 2 in The Edinön Trilogy

Dawning Life is the second book of The Edinön Trilogy. It is sci-fi/fantasy/romance geared toward an audience aged 14 and up. It contains a few scenes of graphic violence and some non-graphic sexual references.

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To avoid spoilers, please read Liquid Death before scrolling through the rest of this post!


This excerpt is from Chapter 10 of Dawning Life, narrated by Juan. My commentary is at the very end, so keep reading if you would like to know more about the featured scene from the author’s perspective.

Chapter 10
Juan: The Spark

I grit my teeth and roar, pushing myself up and slamming my elbow into the ribs of my attacker. The ribs crack, but that doesn’t stop him from wrapping his arms around my neck and pulling with everything he has. I flex the muscles in my neck to avoid a crushed windpipe and punch the face below me until his hold relaxes enough for me to inhale and extricate myself from his grasp. I pound my fist harder into his face, and I don’t stop until it is pulp beneath my knuckles.

I ignore the chill creeping under my skin to attend to Malone, who has run completely out of juice and is moments away from certain death. I yell for Daniel, and together we kill six more Drinkers. Ran appears in a blink, and I shout her name and tell her to take Malone next. She nods, her eyes bloodshot, and her skin bearing a sickly hue. She is exhausted. She won’t be able to do this much longer.

Before she disappears again, I place a bloody hand on her shoulder. “Malone is the last one. Stay with the others until we can catch up with you.”

She nods again.

I look around. The army is endless. It feels as though we have killed thousands, yet we haven’t even dented their ranks. Nick is standing haughtily as he watches his minions bind everyone but me. He has saved me for last.

He grins victoriously and unveils a pair of handcuffs. “What a show! I look forward to more from you in the future.”

“Those won’t hold me,” I tell him, nodding toward the cuffs. “Nothing will.”

Nick ponders this. “You think we should kill you instead?”

My mother is begging me to run. She is being held and caressed by a bald woman who carved her incisors into fangs.

I smile jadedly. I can feel the blood dripping off my fingers. “You can try.”

I wait for Nick to come nearer. He lifts my chin and strokes the pulse on my neck.

Then I break his finger and knee him in the groin. He doesn’t feel pain, but his body still reacts. While he is on his knees, I jab his throat and poke out his eyes.

Something is changing inside me: I sensed a slight tickle in my brain initially, but as my determination to save everyone builds, so does the spark. I can block the world from my mind temporarily to enkindle this new development.

“You are mine,” I snarl, squeezing Nick’s throat and lifting him to his feet. “You are mine to command.”

Nick growls and tries to resist. The spark ignites. I instinctively direct the energy in my mind to the center of his forehead. “Mine,” I chant. My voice does not sound like my own. “Mine.”

The immortal Drinker curls his lip. “Yours. I am yours to command.”

“Release my friends.”


Author Commentary:

This is a significant development for Juan and foreshadows one of the primary destructive forces Juan will have to face in Burning Space: mind control.

Juan is rebellious by nature and fears loss of control and imprisonment above everything else. Since Destiny’s death, the feeling of helplessness has ceaselessly haunted him. If he, like the Drinker in this scene, ever ceded his will to someone else, he would lose himself forever. Juan discovers that he possesses the same power over Drinkers that certain forces have over him.

Fortunately, it is not Juan that will be forced to give himself over to their greatest enemy. It is Kandi who is destined for such a fate. But will Juan have to stand by and helplessly watch her descend into Darkness? Or will he find a way to save her — and the galaxy?

Juan inspired Kandi to escape Blue Skys in Liquid Death. He may be the spark she’ll need to escape the Darkness in Burning Space.


Excerpt #5 will be posted on December 19th.

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