How To Improve As A Writer

Are you a writer? Do you ever feel down about your skill level and experience? Do you ever worry you’ll never gain an audience? Do you ever want to give up because you think you’ll never improve?

Me, neither. HA! I have all the confidence in the world! That’s why I am qualified to give you advice on how you can become almost as great as me! Hooray!

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Here are ten super easy things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your writing:

#1: Read books. Duh. Lots of ’em. You gotta know what stories are and how they work before you can write them.

#2: Know stuff. Gain a formal education beyond high school. Read non-fiction. Watch documentaries. Talk to people who know stuff. Read more educational posts on the Internet like this one. If you’re a genius like me, you can skip this step.

#3: Gain life experience. Living in complete comfort 24/7 ain’t gonna inspire great stories. (*cough*)

#4: Become more observant and self-aware. Use your self-awareness to gain empathy for other people and understand how they think. This can help you craft more dynamic, interesting characters.

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#5: Practice thinking deeply about things. What is meaning? How can you discern truth from falsehood? Who built the pyramids? Keep a journal with these thoughts to save for future posterity so they have more fire fuel during the apocalypse.

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#6: When you read crappy writing, think about how you might have written it better. When you read great writing, consider why it’s great. Study it often and learn how to emulate it.

#7: Form opinions and educate yourself so you can properly defend them. Knowing how to argue in favor of a position, especially one that’s controversial, can deepen your writing, even if it’s fiction.

#8: Cultivate a healthier lifestyle. Eat better, sleep between 7-9 hours a night, and move more. The healthier you make your body, the sharper your mind may become.

#9: Follow my blog. <.<

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#10: And, most importantly: WRITE A LOT. Write consistently. You don’t have to write every day, but if you’re serious about improving, make a goal to write more and stick to that goal as closely as you can. On the other hand: take breaks when you need them. Writing is exhausting — don’t burn yourself out. I know that personally, I can’t work under too much pressure, so set small, achievable goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. Don’t beat yourself up if you need to take some time working on the above tips.^ Naps are good, too. 😉

I hope this list helps! Comment below any tips I missed. 🙂 Have a great Monday!


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