My First Story

First, disclaimer: This is probably not my first story, but it is the oldest one my mom kept. I wrote a lot as a child, so the file she has in storage is quite large.

There is no particular reason I’m posting this; I merely thought it’d be interesting to see how I wrote when I was just beginning to write.

Our family was trying to move at the time, and it took forever to sell our house. I might have written this because it was a frequent topic in our household, haha. I was five years old (as pictured below).


The story:

OnEs apon a Time There Was a FamIly and There Names were Darin and Angela and Michael and Megan and Mitzi and Max and Melanie

Mitzi Said She Wantid To Moov and Thay DiDint knwo Mitzi wantid To Moov Thay Were Triing Too Moov and It Was Hard To Moov and

Megan Was So HaPPy To Moov But Thay DiDint Moov for a Logn time It Ben a year and Thay DiDint Moov yet It Took a Logn Time To Moov

Max said When Are We Going To Moov The End

I hope you enjoyed this enlightening read. If you would like, share your first story (or how old you were when you started writing) in the comments! You could even make a post of your own similar to this and tag me. 😂

Have a great weekend!

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