Life Update #2

I know it has only been 24 days since the last Life Update, but since I have been sick — and life has been especially stressful the past two weeks — I thought another life update post would be beneficial for me. Life Update #3 is scheduled for December 31st, which is when I’ll post a 2018 recap and a list of my goals for 2019. 🙂

As I said in the previous post in this series (linked above), I am going to address my progress in the four main goals I have been working toward all year. These include: (1) becoming a moderately successful author, (2) getting in optimal physical shape, (3) maintaining positive relationships with my immediate family members, and (4) gaining as much spiritual and worldly knowledge as I can so I am prepared for life away from home and motherhood.

For my first goal, I have established a list of smaller goals to help me achieve it in the future. I have made it a goal to write every day. This has been incredibly difficult for me with this month’s cycle of depression, but I am not going to give up. Every morning I think to myself: “It’s a new day; a chance to start over.” That has helped a lot. Another goal: write 2 chapters in Gray Haze per week. I accomplished this last week, and it felt really good! This week I am going to defy the odds and write 2 more chapters! Since each chapter has averaged around 4,000 words so far, this means writing anywhere between 7,000-9,000 words a week, or 1,000+ words a day.

Another plan I have made for this week is to schedule my blog posts ahead of time because that really helps me focus more on writing my book and stress less about this blog. Wednesday’s blog post is going to be a deleted scene from Kandi’s POV for Halloween, and I am going to write that after I publish this post so I don’t have to rush it. If I could stay a week ahead on my blog at all times, that would save me a great amount of anguish. haha

I haven’t received any feedback for Chapter 3 of Gray Haze yet, and the Reading Test ends in two days (Oct. 31). Consider signing up for BookBoro and reading a chapter of Gray Haze every week. It would help me gauge how the book will resonate with an audience as I go along. 🙂 I leave each chapter available to read after the readings tests are over, so if you are ever in need to catch up, you may do so.

Within the next two months I am going to try getting my books into the local library in my small town. The only thing I need to accomplish this is money for the books. Hopefully it will work out.

Second goal: physical fitness. I have finally breached the plateau and lost a few more pounds since September. I am on track to reaching my goal (115 lbs) by the end of the year!

Third goal: being nicer to my family. With my depression this month, I might not have done as well as I should have. I’ll do better next month.

Fourth goal: gaining knowledge. I have yet to write a schedule that I can follow on a daily basis. With the holidays coming up in November and December, I have decided to go easy on myself and postpone creating a schedule until January. The best I can do at the moment is read at least a chapter in the scriptures each day while I eat breakfast. I can’t be as consistent with everything else, unfortunately.

In case you are new here:

What about you? What are your goals? How are you trying to improve yourself? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Have a great week! Stay safe on Halloween!

-Mitzi C

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