Top 10 Supernatural Creatures🦄

Halloween is three weeks away! Let’s discuss the top ten creatures that make Halloween (and fiction) spooky and fun! Comment your personal top ten below! 🎃

#10: Fairies (or Faeries)🧚

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Fairies in modern fiction are often depicted as small, fair humanoid creatures with wings. I have read books where fairies are normal-sized and live in a magical realm invisible to humans. Some fairies are tricksters who thrive on mischief, others are wise and/or indifferent to the us. Some fairies can change their size to blend with humans. I like the idea of tiny humans with wings who like to torment or manipulate humans using magic.

#9: Sirens🧜‍♀️

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Sirens are terrifying. In Greek mythology, they lure sailors to their deaths with their enchanting vocals. Although they were originally conceptualized as females combined with birds, they are often associated with the ocean, so I tend to think of them as mermaids who sing and eat people. I also like the idea of them appearing and sounding beautiful, while they actually look like corpses. *shiver* Imagine if the zombies in The Walking Dead were able to attract passersby with their voices.

#8: Werewolves🐺

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I like to imagine werewolves as giant wolves. The less humanized they are, the better. I also like the concept of humans turning into these creatures every full moon without wishing it – but being able to turn at will sounds scarier! Just think of the metaphor for a moment: the more in tune you are with your dark side, the more easily you can control it. Therefore, those who can control this power are far more powerful. You definitely wouldn’t want to mess with someone who could turn into an over-sized wolf at will! You would tread carefully around them. Perhaps, in your own life, you should develop your “inner shadow” to work in your favor. It is strength under authority; a sword you keep sheathed; a power you don’t reveal until absolutely necessary. As long as you have the capacity within you to dismember everyone around you, you shouldn’t have to unveil it as often as the weak-willed individual who can’t control when it emerges.

#7: Vampires🧛

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Vampires are amazingly diverse in fiction. They can be attractive, centuries-old beings who seduce and drink the blood of humans, or they can be hideous, demonic creatures who drink the blood of anything that moves. Like werewolves, they can appear beautiful one moment and horrifying the next. They can represent how essential it is that we learn to control our natures – how if we give ourselves over to our instincts to mate, eat, etc. we will become slaves to those instincts and lose our humanity.

#6: Death💀

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Yes, Death is a supernatural being in many works of fiction. And he’s awesome. The personification of Death is always fascinating and appears in many cultures all over the world. I will never tire of its portrayal on TV or in books.

#5: Ghosts👻

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Ghosts can be scary, friendly, or lost. Everyone becomes a ghost, or spirit, eventually, when their bodies fail to sustain them. We have many questions about ghosts, such as, why are they here? Why do they keeping moving our furniture? What are they trying to say? The mystery surrounding them is compelling enough to inspire stories for millennia to come.

#4: Demons👿

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Demons are like ghosts, but deadlier. They can also be physical beings, most commonly when they possess humans. The concept of possession should be frightening for anyone. Demons can also appear like the Balrog from The Lord of the Rings. Demons, like sirens, werewolves, and vampires, can also mask their hideous natures with beauty. They can strike deals with humans at the cost of the humans’ souls. They are associated with Lucifer, or the Devil. They come from the underworld, hell, or the abyss. There are a wide range of types inspired by various cultures, all of which are chilling. Though I’ll take the Balrog over a demon-possessed child any day.

#3: Shapeshifters💫

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A human who can be anything or anyone? Awesome! Also, yikes! You wouldn’t want one pretending to be you or someone you know, that’s for certain. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

#2: Dragons🐉

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They can be cute or scary. Cunning or brutish. Either way, I adore them! What is your favorite dragon in fiction?

#1: Witches (Wizards, Mages, Sorcerers…)🧙‍♀️

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My favorite supernatural entity is the witch, wizard, mage, sorcerer, or any other type of magic-wielding human! I love magic in all forms, as long as it’s believable and serves a purpose. And I have always dressed up as a witch for Halloween. 😉

What are your favorites? I know I missed a million (unicorns, goblins, elves, and so on), so feel free to list yours below! What are you going to be on Halloween?

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