Word Count Wednesday #1

I started writing Gray Haze on August 30th and am currently 10,015 words in. I have 50 chapters planned in my outline and have written 2.5. Progress!

I wrote the first two chapters fairly quickly, but I know progress is going to slow the further I get into it, especially at the half-way mark. I made a goal to write every day, and I plan to stick to that goal. Gray Haze is going to get exponentially more complicated with each chapter, however, so some days I may not write more than 500 words. I really want to finish the book by May 2019 so I can release it in September or October of next year. It would be a perfect Halloween release, as it leans heavily into the supernatural/horror genre. I hope by the time I finish that I will have enough money saved up to get it professionally formatted (I just spent five hours today reformatting The Edinön Trilogy, ugh). I already have a few ideas in mind for the cover, and I am stoked! Maybe I’ll even have the money to release a hardcover version! :O

I have Gray Haze outlined from beginning to end and have ideas for a sequel. It may even turn into a trilogy. If so, I’ve already got titles for the next two books in my head. As soon as I am sure they will be necessary, I’ll release the title and synopsis of the next book.

Gray Haze is a paranormal/horror/fantasy set in the near future. It is going to include a map and a dozen unique characters. That’s about all I’ll say for now. 😉 Here’s the synopsis:

In Fog Creek, a small town in New York, the high school principal dies of a heart attack. His eldest son and daughter, MARCUS and MERCY, return home to attend his funeral and support their widowed mother and their younger, adopted brother, MALIK. The death of their father was sudden and unexpected, but clearly not out of the ordinary.

AMORA, a girl who lost both parents in a car accident when she was eighteen, left university to take care of her four younger siblings. Three years later, she still works at the same popular diner and sells her art on the side. After serving a mysterious customer at the diner, Amora begins noticing lights flickering, voices wafting through her window, and odd smells. She inadvertently catches the source of one of the voices on video: a dark creature with red eyes.

As the paranormal occurrences increase in frequency and intensity, the townspeople fear that they will spread outside Fog Creek and wreak havoc on the world. Further conflict arises when a powerful stranger appears to shed light on their unusual circumstances. Is this newcomer their invaluable ally – or their greatest enemy?

What do you think?

Next writing update will be posted on September 19th!

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